Dental Emergencies

Trauma, Bleeding/Lacerations Dislodged or Fractured Teeth – 

Call Zona Rosa Dental and wait for the after-hours emergency phone number.

Dislocated Tooth from Trauma –

Locate the tooth and clean it off with milk or water. Replace the tooth in the socket if you are able to. Call the office and wait for the after-hours emergency phone number.

If you are unable to place the tooth in the socket, place the tooth in the liquid that you used to clean it off.

For boh types of emergency situations, over the counter pain medicine can be taken to help with pain. Applying ice to the area may also help reduce any swelling.

Permanent Crown or Bridge Off –

to see us within the week. Temporary dental adhesive can be used from the drugstore in the mean time. Keep your crown even if it appears to be broken.

Toothache – 

Call Zona Rosa Dental to schedule an appointment. You can take over the counter pain medicine to help relieve any symptoms until you can be seen in the office. Icing the area may help reduce symptoms as well. If you can tolerate warm liquids, rinse your mouth out with warm salt water for 30 seconds a few times a day.

Temporary  Crown Off – 

Call to schedule an appointment. See if you are able to replace the temporary. To keep sensitivity down, use temporary cement from the drugstore.

Bleeding Gums – 

Bleeding Gums is a sign of an infection. Call the office to get in for a cleaning and evaluate the bleeding area. Keep bushing 3 times a day for at least 2 minutes, floss 1 time a day and use warm salt water to rinse your mouth out.

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