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What Sets Us Apart

At Zona Rosa Dental, we treat people the way that we want to be treated.

Zona Rosa Dental delivers a promise to our patients of matchless and precise care from the first phone call and first visit to the practice, to each patient's initial care and throughout their journey of continued follow-up care.

Dr Kirby Kavanaugh grew up in dentistry with a father and brother in the profession and knows how patients should be treated.  Combine that history, her years of experience and skilled development through continuing education, and presently surrounding herself with talented team members and you have a practice that exudes tenacity, teamwork and integrity.

Superior Services:

Zona Rosa Dental specializes in high quality, comprehensive dentistry in a state-of-the-art practice.  Our patients can expect open and honest discussion about their care and value for their time.  The entire team provides superior dental care and believes the customer service goes together with this level of care.

Business Leadership:

We strive to create a culture that combines business awareness while respecting the importance of personal family time as well.  Management has an open-door policy to address any and all topics.  Goals, dreams, concerns, aspirations, education, dilemmas and overall balance.  This is attained through communication, listening, respect and harmony.  The Zona Rosa Dental team will be provided with the necessary information to know what is expected of them.  Expectations will be high to push the team towards personal development and achievement.

Exceptional Individuals:

Zona Rosa Dental is a collective group of very strong-willed, intelligent professionals.  Our team enjoys coming to work every day in order to help patients, and they exhibit compassion, excitement, fun and equality to patients, co-workers and management.

The Zona Rosa Dental team helps accomplish this vision by reading it, learning it, executing it, and practicing it in their professional and personal lives.

Our Patient Community:

Our family of patients values the services that Zona Rosa Dental provides to them by keeping their confirmed reservations for appointments, listening to treatment options in order to make informed decisions, take responsibility for their financial commitment for services rendered, and treat Dr. Kavanaugh's team with respect.  New patient referrals from our family of patients are our highest compliment of a job well done.

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